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Gateway’s World of Illusions 2.0 is back!


By Brandstories Time of article published Oct 22, 2021

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World of Illusions 2.0 has loaded and it’s even more mind-bending, colourful and creative than the first ‘World’.

The fantastical interactive visual installation has been transformed and visitors are invited to participate and experience the new illusions for themselves.

“We want Gateway visitors to have loads of fun in our re-creation of six of the world’s greatest optical illusions,” says Gateway’s Marketing Manager, Michelle Shelley. “World of Illusions has been such a hit that we couldn’t resist creating new exciting rooms to explore!” Hang from the ceiling, tower over your ‘taller’ friends, hide in plain sight – impossibility and reality collide at World of Illusions.

The Beuchet Chair: A glossy red chair is positioned against a Pop Art backdrop.

It’s something you need to experience for yourself but, to give you a few hints, here is a peek into the six rooms:

  1. Ames Room
  2. Infinity Room:
  3. Hide in Plain Sight:
  4. Upside Down Room:
  5. Bottomless Pit:
  6. Beuchet Chair:
The Infinity Room is a mirrored, high-gloss selfie heaven!

Know before you go:

  • Opening hours: Gateway Mall trading hours
  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Location: Cinema level at the top of the escalators
  • Time required: Flexible, but allow at least 5 mins for each room
  • Bring: Friends and your smartphone for pics


Do I need to understand the science behind each illusion to appreciate it?

Not at all. We hope The World of Illusions sparks inquisitiveness, especially in kids, but at each room you will find an at-a-glance guide. This guide explains how to make the most of each illusion.

Go to www.gatewayworld.co.za/stretch-your-mind-at-the-world-of-illusions for more information.

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