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21 Incredible Examples Of Optical Illusions That Will Mess Up Your Mind Completely


Optical illusions are made to make you question reality. Your eyes see one thing and your brain deciphers it as another, and that makes it very difficult to decode some optical illusions. They leave us feeling confused and wanting to understand how the trick works. This happens mostly because when we look at an image, our brain wants to process it in the simplest way possible. However, the result can be pretty confusing sometimes. 

Here are some examples of such an optical illusion that got your head messed up or forced you to think ‘Sab Golmaal Hai’

1. Your brain won’t believe there are four people’s hand in this pic.

Optical illusions

Optical illusions

All you have to do is stare at a white dot in the centre of a red circle on a blue background for about 30 seconds. Then, if you shut your eyes tightly, you should see a “glowing orb” in the colour of true cyan. 

A similar video available on YouTube that indicates exactly to do.

This optical illusion is called ‘The Real Thing’. It was created by a British man named Matt Pritchard by using a Coca-Cola can and a mirror that shows the reflection of the same. Watch the video here.

7. Vehicles ‘Disappearing’ from the bridge has left people puzzled!

A video shared on social media shows cars on a bridge seemingly disappearing as they drive towards a river. Take a look at the video:   

Eventually, a Twitter user explained that the bridge was not actually a bridge but a regular road. The ‘river’ was just a roof of a parking lot that the cars were driving into.

8. Girl appears to make the palm of one hand pass through the other!

In this video a girl can be seen doing something with the palms of her hands, and it might just make you question your eyes for a moment. She appears to be able to pass the palm of one of her hands THROUGH the other.

8. Do you see a running man or a dog?

Do You See a running Man or a Dog?

 When you first looked at the photo, you immediately saw a man wearing a backpack making his way through the snow. However, after a long second glance, a black dog frolicking in the snow.

9. If you focus on this image for about 30 seconds, it’ll disappear completely.

optical illusion


Women sitting on a park bench…or NOT?

Optical illusion

Optical illusion snap shows three women sitting on a park bench … On close inspection, there appears to be no seat on the bench. When you see the illusion, you’ll be shocked you missed it at first.

11. Although you may see a bunch of swirling circles, this image is actually completely still.

optical illusion
Cmglee/Wikimedia Commons

12.Is this cat going up or down the stairs?

optical illusion

13. This photo of two people hugging confused the internet last year.

optical illusion

14. Is this shoe pink and white or teal and grey?


15. There are a total of 12 black dots in this image, but you can’t see them all at once.

Optical illusions
Ninio, J./Stevens, K. A./Perception

16. The horizontal grey lines in this image look slanted, but they’re actually completely parallel.

optical illusion
Fibonacci/Wikimedia Commons

17. There’s a phone hidden somewhere in this picture.

Optical illusions
Jeya May Cruz Estigoy/Facebook

18. Skull or lady Illusion?

Skull Or Lady Illusion

19. What did you spot first, men or women?

What did you spot first, men or women?

20. This is not a GIF, the image is actually completely still.

Optical illusions

21. Duck or rabbit?

Optical illusions

20. What color are the circles in this photo?

Can you spot the cat among the owls?

21. An old man or many faces?

optical illusion

Now don’t blame us if your mind is messed up after seeing these mind-boggling optical illusions that have stumped the internet.   

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