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This Might Be the Perfect Pair of Sustainable Sunglasses


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When’s the last time you gave any thought to your sunglasses? I asked myself that question on an early morning in the mountains, gasping for air as my tiny headlamp cast a light on our party of three. The plan was to summit Hayden Peak by sunrise on our last day in Utah, rounding out a few days of fun by waking up to freezing temperatures and a couple thousand feet of elevation gain.

As we navigated the final steps that stood between us and the summit, the sun made its break on the horizon. My hiking partners, both skilled in outdoor pursuits far more complex than walking up a hill, reached for their sunglasses simultaneously. I dove a dusty hand into my pocket to do the same, only to realize the cheap shades I counted on for protection were gone, lost to the same void that all missplaced sunglasses go to when we can’t find them.

Weeks later, I recognized a need to carry sunglasses that met a few criteria: they couldn’t be cheap, couldn’t be easy to lose and, most importantly, had to do good by the planet. After testing sunglasses that my friends reluctantly gave me and purchasing countless pairs only to return every single one, a brand by the name of Shwood caught my attention. The Oregon-based eyewear oufitter had a compelling story that embraced creativity, quality and sustainable materials, meeting my list of demands.

Compelled, I picked up a pair to find out if these shades were the real deal — and I haven’t taken them off since.

To be clear, I picked up the Ridge sunglasses that fall under Shwood’s CAMP collection. Built with adventure in mind, the frames are made with a blend of plant-based bioplastics and wood inlays that, when combined with TAC polarized lenses, deliver a smart, outdoor-inspired look for the local trail or the nearest beer garden. And they ship with an adorable travel pouch that’s designed to look like a miniature sleeping bag.

Get to know the Camp Ridge sunglasses

Get to know the Shwood CAMP Ridge sunglasses


I’ve fallen in love with the Ridge shades after wearing them for a few weeks. That’s due in part to the construction that’s surprisingly durable and the fact that Shwood makes it tougher to lose your shades. When I’m not wearing them, I’ve grown accustomed to letting them hang around my neck with the included strap that prevents them from wandering off. And when I drop them (which I have), the TAC layering boosts impact and shock resistance to decrease the likelihood of damage.

But what I really love about Shwood is the brand’s sustainably-sourced materials and timeless styling. Outdoor brands are trying harder than ever to align with our personal values, and that means answering the call for gear that does better by the planet.While the CAMP collection (and Shwood’s overarching eyewear line) isn’t a perfect, net-zero movement, it is a step in the right direction that we as consumers would be wise to embrace. And yes, the sunglasses look damn good too.

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