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28 Pairs of Sporty Sunglasses in Our Editor’s Cart


I have a distinct memory of myself in high school, looking puzzlingly at the baseball team because every single player had on the same blue- or red-lens Oakley (or Oakley look-alike) sunglasses, as if they were an official part of their uniform. Oversize, shield-like, and sporty—the latter of which I am not—the style made no sense to me aesthetically. That is, until now. Ten years later, those same aerodynamic shades are all I want to wear. 

It started when I set out to find a pair of performance sunglasses to run in this summer and stumbled across a pair of matte black shades on one of those spinning racks at Duane Reade. (You know the ones.) At $13 a pop, I couldn’t help myself. Before long, I began wearing them for more than just morning jogs, styling them with everyday outfits and even wearing them throughout NYFW. And apparently, I’m not the only one taking an interest in performance eyewear.

Ahead, see for yourself the growing interest in sporty sunglasses, and shop an array that ranges from Balenciaga and Bottega Veneda to Ray-Ban and District Vision.

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