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Ministry hasn’t taken eye-care crisis seriously


Stop holding patients hostage, Editorial, Nov. 5

From the very onset of this dispute, well over a year ago, officials at the Ministry of Health knew they finally needed to address decades-long severe underfunding of eye-care services in Ontario. They were advised in March that service withdrawals would take place in September unless there was resolution of this chronic underfunding. They had five months to reply to our representatives (the Ontario Association of Optometrists), yet they left negotiations until August.

When they finally did meet with our representatives to negotiate, they were chastised by the mediator for presenting inaccurate outdated information using outdated and inaccurate data. They had five months to get their act together for mediation, yet they came in completely unprepared. They then tabled an offer that would still force optometrists to pay for every OHIP patient they see — and then said “take it or leave it.” They were completely unwilling to accept any of a myriad of ideas from our representatives to create a sustainable funding model so patients could access the care the deserve.

Patients are not the only group, as you claim, being “held hostage” — so are optometrists, and both are being held hostage by a Ministry of Health led by incompetent arrogant buffoons.

Dr. Peter Rozanec, OD, Mississauga

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